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HY 41 - Première Mondiale à Cannes pour HYDROS.CH

17 September 2014
LADIDA designed a luxury tender with patented, retractable hydrofoil technology for the Swiss company HYDROS While cruising with elegance and style or flying one meter above the water, the HY-41 provides its passengers with a unique experience and unparalleled comfort.

From Concept to Prototype

31 July 2014
For an undisclosed client LADIDA design has taken the design from the concept stage to the development stage of a highly innovative chase boat.

Voilier du Futur

10 June 2013
The Voilier du Futur is a research project, that brings together material scientists, architects, designers and companies in search of innovation. This R&D project aims to develop a sustainable yacht that will answer questions that the boat building industry has struggled to find answers, too. Its budget is partly funded by the french environmental ministry, the ADEME. LADIDA design has been chosen to be the designers of this boat. The input of LADIDA will be in the field of preliminary research as well as a full service design support for the boat itself.

Luxury Concept Tender Design

10 June 2013
For an undisclosed client, Ladida design has been providing cutting edge design input for an outstanding luxury 12.5 m chase boat concept.

An all new identity for VALIANT RIBs

10 June 2013
The all new Corporate ID of the Brunswick owned top value RIB manufacturer Valiant has been designed by LADIDA design.

Development of luxury tenders for AB Marine

10 June 2013
Ladida design joined forces with the naval architect Pierre Delion to work on a compact luxury tender for the american builder of fine RIBs.

B.I.P - Innovation by design!

30 May 2012

LADIDA design works on developing design methodologies that support a more sustainable way of building boats, linking up with boat builders and the boat recycling industry. We put our blog online and you are welcome to find out more about our Project of sustainable boat design as well as share your valued and considered thoughts.

For more information please visit the BIP blog:

The Positive Impact Boat

Ladida Design is partner of the EBDIG - European Boat innovation Program

28 March 2010
The European Boat Design Innovation Group (EBDIG), aims to make the European Boat Design Industry more competitive in the international market place by providing on-line training material for designers working within the industry. The objective of EBDIG is to transfer advanced manufacturing and design methodologies and technology from the automotive sector into the marine sector to facilitate design innovation and competitive advantage. This Leonardo funded project will create innovative learning materials for employees working within the Marine industry and a networking framework. We will achieve this by transferring embedded practices within the automotive industry through courses in: design visualisation; ergonomics and telematics; sustainable materials. Delivered by an interactive web based Digital Innovation Studio. The advisory group for the project include RINA (Royal Institute of Naval Architects) and BMF (British Marine Federation)

The Valiant 2010 Range of RIBs

18 May 2009
After the success of the striking Valiant V64, Brunswick EMEA commissioned Ladida Design to review their entire range of leisure RIBS for the next model year. Valiant V64

Valiant V64 - World Premiere in Barcelona

5 December 2008
The Ladida designed Valiant V 64 was presented to the public at this years Barcelona Boat Show.

Racing Buggy

19 September 2008
Ladida is developing the body of a a race buggy for a winning rally team....check this space for news of their success story.

All new trim and interior design for Drago Boats - Greece

19 September 2008
Ladida has finalised the design for three ranges of leisure boats for the Greek boat builder to be presented at the autumn shows.

Tullio Abbate Open France S.A.

1 February 2008
Ladida has finalised the design of an extremely classic and elegant Sea Star Open29ft Custom Tender based on a Tullio Abbate hull for the french builder.

Tullio Abbate Open France S.A.

1 February 2008
Ladida finalised the design of a strikingly elegant Sea Star 21 open on a hull of the legendary boat builder Tullio Abbate.

Düsseldorf BOOT 2008

11 December 2007
Visit the stand of the Valiant range of high quality RIBs at the Düsseldorf BOOT. Ladida has helped turn the reliable workhorse into a funky and desirable want-one.


5 June 2007
Ladida has signed a contract with the Portugese manufacturer of RIBs

New Office

23 November 2006

We have moved from the sunny south to the Paris area, more precisely to Versailles, in order to be closer to our clients.

The Paris area offers Ladida great infrastructure and a strong creative spirit, while Versailles gives us a feel of the typically french elegance and luxury.


17 May 2006
Ladida goes online with their all new website


March 2006
Presentation of Uttern boats at the 2006 Scandinavian boatshow

Salon Nautique de Paris

December 2005
Presentation of re-styled range of Quicksilver motor boats
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